Carbon Fiber Prostheses

Carbon Fiber Prostheses are high-strength, lightweight medical devices which are individually custom designed and fit for a specific user.

Carbon Fiber Prostheses
When it comes to creating Prostheses, Carbon Fiber offers a great medium for creating high-strength, lightweight parts. It has been proven within the Prosthetics and Orthotics Industry for years. At Alchemy Composites, we are constantly developing fabrication techniques for Prostheses, derived from Research from the Nautical, Automotive and Aerospace Industries. Therefore, we are constantly exploring these techniques while fabricating Carbon Fiber Prostheses.

Carbon Fiber (also called Graphite Fiber, Carbon Graphite or CF) is about 5–10 micrometers in diameter and is composed primarily of carbon atoms. These carbon atoms are fused together in crystals, making the fibers very strong for their small size.

Carbon Fiber Prostheses are Medical Devices which require a Certified and/or State Licensed Practitioner to fit and apply. At Alchemy Composites, we offer Our Services directly to Prosthetic Facilities and Prosthetists only. If you are a Patient interested in how Carbon Fiber affects your Prosthetic Device, please make sure to contact Your Practitioner or Physician for more information. We can then further communicate about Your Functional Needs.

At Alchemy Composites, we are committed to providing high-quality Prostheses for Our Clientele. We are proud to serve Veteran Facilities, Rehabilitation Clinics and Medical Practice Offices state and nationwide. For more information about Carbon Fiber Prostheses or how to utilize Our Services, please contact us today. Thank You!