Thermoplastic material is a heat-moldable material used in the prosthetics industry for test sockets, flexible inner sockets, and definitive rigid frames.

At Alchemy Composites, we understand the process of getting a New Prosthesis can be exciting and daunting for a Patient. We’re committed to helping Your Patients achieve their functional and mobility goals. One of the materials you will often find used with Today’s Prosthetic Devices is Thermoplastic, which, for example, can be used for the Flexible Portions of a Prosthesis or for Diagnostic Test Fitting.

At Alchemy Composites, we use All Types of Plastic during Our Fabrication Process.  Plastic Sheets are heated and applied to a Model, then Vacuum-Formed to take the shape of the Model to be used for a Specific Function. Thermoplastic Material is a heat-moldable material used in the Prosthetics Industry for Test Sockets, Flexible Inner Sockets and for Definitive Rigid Frames.

Thermoplastic materials include:

  • Vivak (PETG)
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Copolymer
  • Proflex (with and without Silicone)
  • Orfitrans (Stiff | Soft | with and without Silicone)

In order to provide Your Patients with the fitting of their New Prosthesis and to help you achieve Your goals, we may use Thermoplastic as a Trusted and Durable Material during the Manufacturing Process depending upon Your Requirements. If you have questions about Thermoplastics and how this may affect Your Patients’ Prosthesis, please contact us about Your specific needs.

Alchemy Composites is equipped to provide high-quality Prostheses for a variety of Patient need levels while providing Our Services across the USA. Contact us while your here and learn more about how we can assist you, thank you!